Am I Lucky Or What

Whenever I’m painting and it’s going well, whichever part of the process I’m involved in (presently there are two, quite different from each other) is my ~favorite~.  I work away thinking “I love doing this.  I like this best.”

How lucky is that.  How many people get to say that about what they’re supposed to be doing?  (I did just have to go back and change the opening phrase from “Whenever I’m working…” because work – actually making a living from painting – involves all kinds of things I don’t like even a little.  And this is just about painting. 

The canvas goes back and forth between table and easel several times before it’s finished… today so far has been at the easel, working with airbrushes…

MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress | October 2014

… on the canvas that started here  (see 10-15-14 post)…

MARCI MCDONALD | painting in progress | October 2014

… and on that day I was sure pouring and throwing paint with abandon was definitely the best.  Pretty lucky.



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