Experimenting With Spots

What I like most about this painting (just finished, acrylic, 48″ x 60″, no title yet)…

MARCI MCDONALD | as it grows 1 | acrylic painting on canvas

… is its movement, and I like the orange spots.  I love spots – freckles, bird eggs, moldy rocks, Dalmatians, leopards, appaloosas – the changes in value are just so much fun for the eyes.

Then it figures that in terms of paint, I like spatter.  But with movement in mind, I’ve been wanting to make spatter on a grand scale – BIG spots of color that are flying (and not just falling) when they land.  AND flying in wide arcs, so they want to land in big beautiful curves, and layer dynamically with areas that move in more gentle but equally unmastered ways.

So I’ve been experimenting, throwing paint in every way I can think of, making really big messes and loving it…

MARCI MCDONALD | splatter tools

 MARCI MCDONALD | splatter experiment

MARCI MCDONALD | splatter experiment

I never ~see~ paintings ahead of time, but the idea of a series that feels like impressions left by some dynamic energy force? (not turbulent, but powerful) has been in my head, and I’m working on it…



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