Never Say Never

It seems I’m just not going to get the lesson put forth in the adage “never say never”.  No matter how many times it comes up.  And I don’t just say something like “You know, I’m done with such and such. I’m not doing that anymore.”  It’s more like “I WILL NEVER, EVER IN A MILLION MILLION YEARS EVER DO SUCH AND SUCH AGAIN!!!”

For example, in the late 90s, experiencing something like burnout after 25+ years of doing art fairs, I stopped doing art fairs, making the usual unassailable edict to that effect.  And I didn’t just say I was never doing another art fair, I was never looking at another art fair.  Ever again. 

So earlier this year when my adorable sister suggested we go to Mainsail – one of the nicer Florida art fairs, which happens to be right here in St Petersburg – I surprised us both by agreeing.  And then was surprised to kind of enjoy being there, and even more surprised to find myself actually entertaining the idea of participating!

There have been things to miss about the fairs and the constant travel – getting immediate feedback, meeting a lot of great people, being with my partner 24/7, room service… but all in all I’m happy to have gotten away from them, and to be thinking more about working with galleries these days.

Life after art fairs has been too quiet for me, and I certainly miss the money (although that’s more a result of my disappearing from art entirely, not just the show scene).  But considering exhibiting completely different work in that venue is what made me come home from Mainsail thinking that to actually do the show might be interesting.

Entering shows requires submitting photos of your display along with photos of your actual work, so this week I’ll be up in the rafters dragging down dusty old road gear (which of course would have been right out the door at never-another-show-decision-time if I’d had my way)…

Long's Park circa1998

… (everything is so SMALL… and so OLD…) and which would need to be at least double to accommodate the size of my new paintings… it could be fun… we’ll see…


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